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    Check out the girls in the audience…you know the one curly headed sis done spied that shit and went all dry mouth and...
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    How I walk around the house when the mrs be actin like she don’t wanna gimme none.
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What Good Black Man?

What’s really has you lookin’ for another black man...

Is it his chest? It may be ripped, it might not, but it’s amazing, just because it's His.

U make your way down to that dick. It can be 6”-12”cut/uncut; thick, average or slim; slight curve, or big mushroom head. That hanging piece of manhood is stunning.

Legs are strong and meaty; and then he turns around.

Oh that ASS!! big & juicy; What a sight to behold. Makes U admire it..hold it..and definitely put ya face on it.

What’s really good, Black Man?

Plain and simple... YOU!


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